Seekway Fashion Style Water Shoes

Prizes Available: 1
Cost of 1 Entry: 15 WaterBucks
Max. Entries Per Person: 20
Valid In: US
Winners Announced: August 15, 2020

Seekway Sport Style Water Shoes

Prizes Available: 1
Cost of 1 Entry: 20 WaterBucks
Max. Entries Per Person: 20
Valid In: US
Winners Announced: August 15, 2020

Seekway Kids Water Shoes

Prizes Available: 1
Cost of 1 Entry: 15 WaterBucks
Max. Entries Per Person: 20
Valid In: US
Winners Announced: August 15, 2020

Introducing WaterBucks

Just as we focus on providing comfortable water shoes, we also hope that we can provide you with comfortable service.That’s why we’re giving back to you the best way we know how—with amazing Seekway product!

WaterBucks is a way for you to win free Seekway goodies just by participating in our forum. You can check the amount of WaterBucks in your profile.

  1. Earn WaterBucks by being an active forum user.
  2. Spend your WaterBucks on entries into weekly prize drawings.
  3. Win.

It’s that simple.


What to Do

  1. Register an account and we’ll give you some WaterBucks to get you started.
  2. Be an active user. Fill out your profile, put up a picture, create threads, and post replies. The more involved you are, the more WaterBucks you’ll get.
  3. Use your bucks to buy entries on the WaterBucks page.


What happens if I win?

We’ll announce your username on the WaterBucks page, then contact you by email for your shipping information.

Once you get your prize, we’d love to hear about your experience. You can even post a review on the forum and start rebuilding your WaterBucks supply!


How often will these drawings be?

Every Monday, we’ll reveal a 3-prize roster. Users will have until Friday to spend WaterBucks on entries for their drawing(s) of choice.

Earn WaterBucks

WaterBucks can be spent on chances to win WaterBucks prizes.

Experience Points level up your user status. When you level up you gain a lump sum of bucks WaterBucks and get closer to accessing exclusive benefits.

Here’s how you earn both.


AccountRegister5One Time Only  
AccountRead the Community Rules2One Time Only Click Here 
AccountVisit the Community1Once Per Day Click Here 
AccountRefer a Friend to Register5Up to 3 Times Per Day Click Here 
ThreadShare a Thread3Up to 1 Times Per Day Click Here 
ThreadCreate a Product Review Category Topic5Up to 1 Times Per Day Click Here 
ThreadPost a Reply1Up to 3 Times Per Day Click Here 
ThreadGet a “Like” on Your Post1Up to 3 Times Per Day  
ThreadAnniversary100Once Per Year  

User Experience Levels

Forum activity is rewarded both with WaterBucks and Experience Points. The only way to get Experience Points is to post quality posts.

WaterBucks are used to purchase WaterBucks entries. Experience Points are used to raise your user level.

As your level increases, so does your cache of WaterBucks .

At the senior member level, we’ll send you early insider information on upcoming contests and deals.

Users who reach the Executive and VIP levels will gain access to even more benefits like:

– Special discounts
– Exclusive gifts
– Priority access to beta tests
– The chance to become a moderator


Terms and Rules

1. Thread titles should be legible and directly related to your thread’s content.

2. Threads should contain appropriate, helpful, and meaningful content.

3. Search for similar threads before posting your own. We may have had this discussion or answered your question already.

4. Post your thread in the relevant category. Do not spam or re-post.

5. Keep posts on-topic. Take sidetracked conversation to the private messages.

6. No ads allowed. Solicitation after a warning may result in a ban.

7. No personal attacks, or posting yours or someone else’s personal info.

8. Please keep all criticism constructive and respectful.

9. Trading points and/or bucks is not permitted.

10. The moderation team and administration (SeekwayOfficial) reserve the right to edit, close, or delete any thread or post. If your thread or post is altered, closed, or deleted, you will receive a message explaining why. If you are dissatisfied with the explanation, please reach out to our moderation team first. If a satisfactory conclusion cannot be reached, refer to administration. Admin decisions are final.

11. Breaking the rules will result in a warning flag. If too many warning flags or post deletions accumulate on your account, you may be banned from the forum. If you have been banned and wish to request a reinstatement of your account, please contact: seekwaydirect@gmail.com.

12. Seekway reserves the right of final explanation, and may make changes to these rules at its discretion.